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Buying your pool equipment online as a Canadian can be a frustrating experience. Actually buying anything for your pool can be frustrating and most of the time pool owners are just looking for a decent deal on a product they need - quickly!

If your pool pump breaks mid-season then you need to get a replacement installed ASAP or the water will certainly turn green. While you can call a pool service technician or drive to your local pool supply store to buy a new pool pump, this is not the most economical way to shop. Most people now turn to the internet when looking for the lowest pricing options for their purchases however buying pool equipment, especially in Canada, poses some unique challenges.

Important For Canadians Buying Pool Pumps Online

Uness you are a savvy online shopper you are likely to find most online stores do not ship pool pumps to Canada, and if they do, you will end up with hefty brokerage and duty fees that make a seemingly great deal much more costly - and even worse delays in shipping due to customs. If you are going to buy a pool pump online you need to find a Canadian source of which there are actually very few to choose from.

The following links are to help you determine which pump is the best fit for your application as well as where you can buy that pump online in Canada

The best source for buying swimming pool pumps online in Canada:

Buy Inground Pool Pump Canada

Buy Variable Speed Pool Pump Canada

Buy Above Ground Pool Pump Canada

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