Buy Above Ground Pool Pumps Online

An above ground pool pump typically has a cord end attached to it as opposed to inground pool pumps which typically must be hard wired by an electrician. Above ground pool pumps are "low head" in design meaning that they are not heavy duty and can not do things like pump water long distances or up vertical elevation climbs like similar size inground pool pumps can. This comes down to the quality of the components used as well as the ability for the pump motor to dissipate heat.

Also worth noting is that the flow rate, or maximum gallons per minute the pump can provide is much less than in ground pool pumps with the exact same size motor. Many inground pool owners use above ground pool pumps as a cheaper alternative to the correct pump. This would usually result in poor circulation and filtration (which accounts for a minimum of 50% of water clarity) as well as likely early failure due to constant heat damage as the pump is working harder than it was designed to do.

Cheapest Above Ground Pool Pumps

The cheapest above ground pool pump is the one that costs the least to buy versus the life time of the pump. Cheap is not good if you must replace your pump every six months and there are some remarkably cheap above ground pumps on the online market. You should consider purchasing from the major manufacturers such as Hayward, Pentair / Sta-Rite, Jandy / Zodiac as these pumps have a long established history in the swimming pool industry.

Hayward PowerFlo II 3/4 horsepower above ground pool pump

Pentair Dynamo 3/4 horsepower above ground pool pump

Hayward PowerFlo 1 horsepower above ground pool pump

Hayward PowerFlo 1.5 horsepower above ground pool pump

Pentair Dynamo 1.5 horsepower above ground pool pump

Some of the less common brands of above ground pool pumps may be worth considering even though they make up a very small percentage of the total market share in North America. Since above ground pool pumps are made to last only a few years you may be able to get that life from offshore, lesser known and clone brands of above ground pool pumps.

Above Ground Pool Pump & Filter Combo

It is common for above ground pools to have the equipment sold as a kit package with a pump and a small sand filter. For repairs, replacement and retrofitting you probably are best advised to order the components individually. If you have a very small above ground pool and you need both a pump and a filter then these combo units will be your best option:

As a slightly higher end option you can pair your above ground pump with a cartridge filter instead of a traditional sand filter. They are slightly more expensive however they do not require backwashing maintenance as well as being a higher quality (finer) filtration medium typically capturing particles up to three times smaller than that which a sand filter can strain from the water.