Cheap Pool Pumps

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Cheap is bad - not expensive is good

The cost of your pool pump will likely be the greatest influence on your pump selection. If you have $2000 or more to spend on a pool pump then you can expect to have a high quality, quiet pump that lasts a long time and is very powerful. For the absolute cheapest pumps on the market that will get your pool up and running consider:

Above Ground Pumps
1 HP 3450 RPM, 115V Above Ground Pool Pump - Waterway
1.5 HP 3450 RPM, 115V Above Ground Pool Pump - Waterway

In Ground Pumps
Waterway 115/230-Volt Pool Pump with Unions, 3/4-Horsepower

These pumps might not ship to Canada however the ones below should. All pumps are available in the USA.

Of course you do not want to spend that much on your new pool pump. The good news is that you don't have to. Though there are many pool pumps, especially for commercial purposes, that cost that much or more, but there are also very cost effective options that will be relatively quiet, reliable and last a fairly long time.

Hayward Super Pump

This is the cheapest good quality pump that you will find. 3/4HP is good for up to 16x32' or shallow 18x36' pools. 18x36' and 20x40' needs a 1HP and only huge pools or pools with raised solar heaters will need the 1.5HP.

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5-HP Max-Rated Single-Speed Pool Pump

For example, Hayward makes a brand of pool pump called the Super Pump. These are entry level priced pool pumps that have a strong reputation in the swimming pool industry. These pumps are less expensive than other similar pool pumps making them appear to be a very good deal by comparison.

Hayward super pump

List price for a 3/4 horsepower Hayward Super pump is $750. This means a contractor can buy this pump for about $300-400 plus taxes. Many retail stores will sell this pump in the range of $400-$600.

Hayward Super II Pump

This is a fantastic sale price for a 1HP Hayward Super II pump which is an extremely powerful high head application pump. Power for waterfalls, lift for solar heaters and more than enough for long pipe runs for remotely located pump rooms you should consider this pump. You will not find more power for less money in any other pump with sale prices like this.

This pump is not an inexpensive pool pump by comparison to the super pump original - and it is not supposed to be. I am including this information to help consumers to realize that the super II is a pump that was developed specifically for high head applications. This means a super II pump would be suitable for applications where you need to lift the water to the roof for a solar heater.

More importantly I want to illustrate the importance of not going with a "bigger is better" approach to pool pumps. As a service technician I can not count the amount of times I have witnessed a high head pump installed on a small pool, small filter or directly adjacent to the pool with no lift required. In this circumstance you could easily burn out the pump due to starving it for water but you can also compromise the integrity of your filter or heater as well which are likely not designed for the flow and power of the super II.

If you do have a high head application then a Super II is a great pump but will cost about 25-30% more than the regular series super pump.

Pentair Superflo Pump

This is the Pentair answer to the Hayward Supre Pump. This SuperFlo model is the entry level workhorse for inground swimming pools and you should notice an increase in power and flow over Hayward motors with similar power ratings.

The Pentair answer to the Hayward super pump is the Pentair super flow pool pump. With the 1HP and 1.5HP models retail price ranging from $415-$450 you can consider these pumps to be comparable in performance to the Hayward super pump for a small amount more. These pumps, while slightly louder than the super pump, are superior in design based on my professional experience and are less prone to early failure.

I do still endorse the Hayward super pump as it usually is slightly cheaper than the Pentair superflo and an all around reliable pump however this review is about sharing my professional opinion and given the option of the two pumps for my own personal pool I would choose the Pentair version.

Pentair Whisperflo Pump

Huge savings on this high end and powerful Pentair inground pool pump. This is a great pump that can meet commercial standards in many areas and the quietest pump that Pentair makes other than their variable speed intelliflo pump.

A 3/4 horsepower Pentair Whisperflo pump retails for $838.50 in Canada but can be found for as little as $500 - $600 in the USA. The performance of this pump is much quieter than both Hayward and Pentair alternative models and has a very powerful flow curve for a given power consumption similar to the Hayward super II.

As a pool builder when I build a large or expensive gunite pool this is the pump that I install. In my experience these high quality pumps run reliably, quietly and for a long period of time - but they are one of the more expensive regular speed pool pumps (as opposed to 2 speed and the new variable speed pool pumps)

Flow Rate Comparison Between Pumps

The rating on a Hayward pump includes an X factor (service factor) rating. This actually applies to all electric motor ratings however Hayward most commonly has a service factor rating that makes it less powerful than competitors pumps. Essentially the Hayward can maintain 3/4 horsepower only in short periods, similar to an overdrive or turbo setting, where the Pentair can maintain 3/4 horsepower indefinitely and can produce more during short periods of heavy draw.

What this all boils down to is being able to compare apples to apples. Though the Hayward rating says 3/4 horsepower, the performance of the pump is close to that of a 1/2 horsepower Pentair. Similarly if you want to achieve the same flow rating as the Pentair 3/4 you would need a Hayward 1 horsepower.

The Hayward 1 horsepower pool pump is still less than the Pentair 3/4 horsepower but at least now the performance of the pumps can be compared accurately.

Pool Pump Service Factors

The previous section is not a technical explanation of how service factor works but is instead an approximation intended to provide readers with a quick and easy understanding of pump motor ratings and service factors as they relate to pump performance.

Service factors relate to the electric motors ability to dissipate heat. True rated pumps have a service factor of 1.0 where pumps with a high service factor like 1.25 or 1.5 are less capable of dissipating heat. Since heat is one of the biggest killers of pool pumps you want a pump with a low service factor rating. Though a 1.25 service factor pump like a super pump may be able to provide the same flow as a 1.0 service factor pump, it will not be able to do so for as long due to the heat build up.

Hayward Matrix Above Ground Pump

One of the Hayward above ground pool pumps which means, among other things, that there is an electrical cord end (plug) pre-installed on the motor as opposed to inground pool pumps which must be hard wired. This is the cheapest and most entry level above ground pool pump while still having a measure of quality.

The Matrix brand pool pump is a very popular above ground pool pump. What defines an above ground pump over other pool pumps is that above ground pumps come pre-wired with a cord end. In ground pool pumps require an electrician to hardwire the electrical connection.

Hayward super pump

Additionally the flow rates of above ground pool pumps are usually less than in ground models of pumps but they are usually less expensive also. The matrix brand comes in sizes up to 1.5HP and have traditionally been reliable pumps however there have been reported issues in recent years with these pumps specifically with inferior components such as the impeller.

Intex Above Ground Pump

The least expensive commercially available pool pumps are the Intex brand which is sold in many stores like Walmart. These items should be considered as only suitable if you have a very small above ground swimming pool.

Installation will be difficult compared to other higher quality pumps as the products may break or crack easily with problems like stripped threads or inferior connection hardware being likely. These items are best suited for above ground pools where low cost for the pump is of greatest importance.

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