Buy Variable Speed Pool Pumps Online

There are very few online sources for buying pool equipment online in Canada. Most of the stores that you do find are not priced aggressively as they are owned and operated by brick and mortar swimming pool stores. If a brick and mortar pool retail store offers a super low online price then they will have to honor this value to in store customers also - this devalues their profit margins for walk in customers.

To find the lowest price online for variable speed pool pumps you should purchase from the largest online retailers such as Amazon. Not all Amazon sellers ship their products to Canada and offers very little in the way of pool pumps. If you can find an Amazon seller that ships into Canada you will have brokerage fees for the product however this still may be the cheapest possible option so long as you can wait a few weeks for your pump to arrive.

2016 update - has started to increase the availability of pool pumps for sale online and the products listed on this page are all available to Canadian shoppers looking to purchase a pool pump online.

The pumps listed above are the full size, true variable speed offerings from Hayward, Pentair and Jandy. These top of the line models are all very powerful and must be sized correctly to both the plumbing pipe size as well as the filter size & type being used on your pool system. For more detailed information about how to calculate this information you can use the Swimming Pool Steve free online resources for pool and spa owners.

Lowest Price Variable Speed Pool Pumps

The upfront cost of variable speed pool pumps such as the Hayward Ecostar or the Pentair Intelliflo is one of the largest disadvantages of choosing VS technology for your pool circulation system. As with many green energy technologies a variable speed pump is an investment into a long term energy savings. If you want the benefits of electrical savings but need a less expensive upfront cost then you can consider some of the entry level variable speed pumps. In most cases these are not true "Variable speed pumps" but act more like 4 speed pumps - which is almost as good from an energy efficiency perspective.

Since a swimming pool pump is one of the single largest electrical draws in an average household, representing up to half of the total energy usage in an average home, a variable speed pump is a rock solid investment for long term savings. The only argument against VS pumps for long term savings is if you plan to move within 1-2 years.

If you currently run a standard 1-2 horsepower pool pump on a 24/7 schedule then a variable speed pump will net you a monthly savings of around 50%-60%. With average pool pump electricity costs around $100-$200 per month this means you can save around $60 to $100 per month.

Since variable speed pool pump manufacturers have a general guideline of an expected life frame of 7 years for a pool pump, this means that switching to a variable speed energy efficient pool pump will almost pay for the entire cost of the pump itself, every year, for seven years. This represents up to a 7x return on your initial investment. Variable speed pumps are the best piece of cost saving pool equipment introduced to the market in the last 30 years.

SVRS Vacuum Release Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Stratum vacuum release or safety vacuum release pool pumps have a built in design safety feature that will turn off the pump in the event a suction line blockage happens. The reason for this is to prevent entrapment, drowning and physical damage due to people becoming trapped in any part of the suction system for the pump.

Singe port suction lines like old pools with a single main drain in the deep end are well known to be extremely dangerous given the right (wrong) set of conditions. A variable speed SVRS pump is a little more expensive than the non SVRS pumps, usually about $200 difference give or take. If safety is paramount to you then you may want to consider this additional safety feature on your new pool pump.